A job at a film production company sounds like working inside a dream workshop where stories are told and masterpieces are created. We at Capture Crew, a film production house in Bangalore, would like to clarify some doubts you may have about working in this industry. This article includes frequently asked questions about production companies as well as entry-level interview questions that may help you understand this profession.

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Top Q&A About Film Production

Film Production

1. Why Work With Films?

Who doesn’t like watching a film, whether it’s a well-made three-hour-long SLB film, a short film, a brand film, an ad film, or a web movie? The world of films is interesting and works as an escape from the daily rut of life through its ability to weave and tell amazing stories. Now, if that is what films are, imagine working on the production side of things.


2. Is There Any Difference between a Production Company and a Studio?

Do these two technical terms confuse you? Though they might sound similar, there are some major differences between them. A studio produces films for the public, whereas video production companies work with corporations or enterprises to help them develop content based on their strategies and requirements.


3. Does a Film Production House Follow a Fixed Daily Schedule?

The film industry doesn’t follow fixed timings like 9-to-5 jobs because of the versatility of the professions in this field. Hence, if you want to work in this field, you must be able to adapt to irregular working hours. If you apply for any role at a production house, your recruiter would love to know that you won’t regret sticking up all night to finish an important scene or picking up a call at 5 am when they require last-minute adjustments in the script.


4. Is It Stressful to Work in a Production House?

The answer depends on how calmly you can handle challenging situations. It’s important to know your ability to go above and beyond to finish a task within the given time.

As a fresher in production houses in India, you might need to work harder to get yourself to the top of the ladder. The environment of this industry is very competitive. So, to pursue your dream job, you have to learn how to tackle your challenges calmly.


5. Can a Production Company Hire Outside Teams on Projects?

Film production houses collaborate with different teams to complete one big project. They can hire or collaborate with quality media companies or co-producers while completing a big project. Capture Crew is one such company that has been collaborating with notable production houses on big projects.


6. What Is the Role of Line Producers in Filmmaking?

Line producers play a crucial role in filmmaking by taking the second highest rank after film producers. The major responsibilities of a line producer are as follows:

  • Hiring the crew
  • Managing different departments
  • Budget management
  • Scheduling the filming
  • Ensuring overall safety on the set


7. What Should Be the Focus of a Film Production Company During Pre-Production?

During pre-production, a film production company should initiate a conversation with the clients regarding all the creatives and technicalities they prefer. Typically, this process focuses on the following:

  • Concept creation
  • Storyboarding
  • Scripting
  • Confirming locations
  • Creating sets
  • Cast auditioning


  1. What Should Be the Focus of a Film Production Company During the Production Phase?

During the production phase, film production companies focus on ensuring that the shooting and recording of the film go through without any hitches.

While it’s the most exciting part of the film production process, it’s technically also considered the ‘stage of no return’, since the majority of the project’s budget goes here.

It’s in a film production company’s best interest to make sure this process goes as smoothly as possible since many things are at stake.

The leader of the production phase should create a stress-free zone so the actors, director, make-up artists, camera crew, and all those involved complete their work hassle-free.


9. What Should Be the Focus of a Film Production Company During Post-Production?

During the post-production phase, film production companies focus on editing and fine-tuning the raw footage, audio, and arrangement of the film.

The post-production process will depend on the size, budget, and location of the project they’re working on.

Because the success of this process is the glue that holds the entire film together, it requires a higher level of collaboration than the other phases (pre-production and production phases). Video editors, graphic designers, sound engineers, narrators, foley artists, colorists, and other professionals work together to ensure the final product is perfect.

Moreover, the entire process can take anywhere from a few months to a year, depending on the size of the project.

The workflow of the post-production phase is as follows:

  • Editing
    • Pictures
    • Sounds — ADR and Foley
  • Adding music
  • Mixing sounds
  • Enhancing visual effects
  • Color correction
  • Incorporating titles, credits, and graphics
  • Organizing distribution materials
  • Producing a trailer


10. What Should Be the Ideal Film Production Schedule?

A predefined production schedule is required in every production house to ensure smooth filming on time. The ideal film production schedule should consider the following:

  • Breaking down each scene from the script to understand the required budget and time frame
  • Staff scheduling on the basis of location availability, cast members, and crew members


Planning a production schedule shouldn’t jeopardize communication and cooperation between the various departments of the film production house. So, the best film production houses in India make the necessary changes and come up with an ideal production schedule that takes into account the cast and crew schedules, shooting schedules, and budget.


How Capture Crew Can Help You With Your Film Production Requirements

While many people appreciate films, not many know or appreciate the sweat and tears that go behind them. Video production companies need to pay great attention to detail and ensure the film production process goes through smoothly, so the final product delivers the client’s vision.

If you’re looking for a professional team to bring your corporate stories to life through films, Capture Crew is a reputed film production house in Bangalore and a one-stop video content partner. Get in touch to start creating videos.