Like in the recent past, videos have once again made it to the top of the content strategy list for 2023. This type of content is created by a corporate video company or an individual for organizations. These videos help brands market themselves, interact with their clients, and create new client relationships.

Video predominates our content preferences across all platforms, including websites, blogs, email, mobile applications, social media, and even virtual reality. It serves as a platform for communication in general as well as for entertainment, marketing, education, and sales.

So, here are some corporate video trends you must look out for.


Top 10 Corporate Video Trends

New types of video creation, distribution, and consumption are being created because of the demand for visual content. These are some trends every organization and corporate video company must look out for.


1. TikTok or Reel Videos

Social media timelines are filled with these playful, quick, and lively content made popular by TikTok. These little videos convey a single idea through outrageous dance motions, humorous melodies, and tricks or pranks.

Brands too are adopting this humorous and enjoyable tone for marketing. The secret to successfully creating a reel is to combine knowledge with fun.


2. AR & VR Videos

Young woman wearing vr glasses

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) videos will be among the most demanding to generate. Since VR & AR movies or clips are more realistic and entertaining than conventional videos, they can be incredibly effective in boosting sales. These movies can also be employed to provide clients with interactive experiences.


3. Animated Infographic Videos

Infographic animated videos are interesting and instructive, and they showcase your brand’s personality. Additionally, it’s critical to have a video that’s well-optimized for smaller displays as people are increasingly viewing videos on their handheld devices.

More brands are building animated explainer films to impress and engage their audience.

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4. Adding Popular Audio


The use of popular audio clips in videos is another trend made popular by Instagram and TikTok. Popular songs or tunes, voiceovers, or even other special effects can be paired with a complementing visual to garner high views.

Corporate video makers in Bangalore like Capture Crew can help you create an interactive corporate video for your firm that’s effective and engaging.


5. User-Made Video

User-made video

User-made video

Spontaneous, user-generated content is a favorite among social media users. Even scripted, non-user-generated footage works if created appropriately. Today, a majority of films, from ads to dances on Instagram Reels, or TikTok, appear to have been created on the spot and are widely shared.


6. Sequential Storytelling

Story telling

Courtesy: Dreamstime

According to research by Google-owned YouTube, advertising that features videos with storytelling (content with a starting, middle, and end) performs better. If your video has a narrative structure, viewers will enjoy even long brand films. This trend is effective for both long and short-format videos.

A professional corporate video production services agency will be able to create videos with phenomenal storytelling.


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7. Longer Videos


Long-format videos are gaining popularity despite the overall demand for bite-sized video content. Viewers are becoming increasingly accustomed to watching lengthy videos, including lengthy interview excerpts and complete YouTube episodes. However, this format only works if it’s captivating and meaningful. This is definitely one of the corporate video trends to watch out for.


8. Training and Educational Content

learning online

Educational content has become extremely popular, thanks to eLearning and practical quick fixes by some users. From courses that pan over days or weeks to FAQs regarding a new device or online items and services, this is a sought-after category. Your brand can produce such content to get new viewers.


9. OTT Video Promotion

Major OTT companies were previously hesitant to include advertising within their ecosystem, but declining profit margins have persuaded them to think about doing so. And with the increasing number of OTT users,  it’s the perfect platform to advertise to the masses.


10. Shorts

Youtube shorts logo

Shorts by YouTube are gaining popularity. Launched in 2020, it has shown steady growth. Over 5 trillion viewers are captivated by shorts. Its success story lies in the quick presentation of the content within a matter of seconds, similar to reels. Hence, it’s perfect for helping capture the attention span of the viewers quickly and without boredom.


Make Corporate Videos an Integral Part of Your Digital Strategy

As creators use more cutting-edge technology for corporate video production, they are going to become more immersive and interactive. Viewers are looking for more than just viewing. They also want to feel engaged. The likelihood that a user will continue to interact with your business increases when they are happy to stay on a video till the end.

Get in touch with us to understand more about corporate video trends. Our experts will assist you with your questions about the services we offer at Capture Crew.