Capture Crew is a premier line production company offering its services to domestic and international clients. Their team comprises passionate film industry professionals from across India who combine local expertise and influence with an understanding of global production norms and techniques.

When you talk to them, you get the honest advice you deserve from people who actually understand your perspective. It wouldn’t be wrong to call them India’s most experienced foreign film agents.

Capture Crew: An Introduction

Capture Crew is among the top creative video production companies in Bangalore. With expertise in videography and photography, they have been providing services to the media sector. They can offer both full production solutions or specialized services to satisfy any of the media’s needs.

Capture Crew provides a wide range of media services to businesses that require video content for their clients, fans, and users. Some of them are as follows:

  • Commercial ads
  • PR videos
  • Corporate films
  • Viral videos
  • Web shows
  • Short films
  • 3D Animation
  • Graphic design
  • Photography
  • Music videos

What Is a Film Fixer?

A film fixer is a professional who arranges site permissions, interviews, transportation, lodging, and location scouting. Also known as “local fixers,” they are in charge of setting up everything needed for a successful and seamless production project. Read more to learn how film fixers operate in a line production company in India and other countries.

How Does Capture Crew Operate as a Film Fixer?

Being one of the best video production companies in Bangalore, Capture Crew has top-notch, experienced local fixers who know exactly what skills a local fixer must have to work in this field. This ensures that their customers are satisfied and impressed with their work.

Here’s an attempt to list some of the characteristics a skilled film fixer must have to do their job well. To ensure that the production is a success, a local fixer needs to possess a specific set of traits and skill sets.

  • They must be fluent in two or more languages. The more languages they know, the easier it becomes for them to communicate with people and vendors across different regions.
  • They must know the area well. This ensures they find the right places and spaces required for the different scenes and sets.

  • They must have strong networks and great relationships with people in a particular region.

  • They would need to be extremely committed to a production company during the course of the ongoing production. Someone who cannot commit, maybe unable to pursue this profession.

  • Fixers must be disciplined and be able to meet deadlines to ensure that projects are completed on time.

  • They must be solution-finders who can answer questions that arise unexpectedly and unfortunately.

  • A fixer is in charge of planning the journey, handling appliances while traveling, and ensuring the production equipment’s passage to the required site.

  • A skilled fixer must be aware of every aspect of his field. They must be familiar with the crew, both in terms of personnel and equipment, as well as the stages of the shooting schedule and any production requirements that the director and photographer may have.

  • They must be able to multitask to be efficient in this role. They would need to do a lot of things simultaneously, like acquiring sites, controlling the content, finding lodging, and finalizing catering for the entire production cast and crew.

  • To avoid problems with permits that could postpone the shooting schedule, a fixer needs someone familiar with the legal system of the country where they are about to shoot.

The most significant resource in any industry is time, which could be managed efficiently if the aforementioned requirements are met.

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What is Line Production?

Line production is the backbone of the video production house. A line producer is in charge of hiring staff, making a budget, and keeping an eye on all aspects of filming to make sure they are done on time, on budget, and in an original way.

They assign resources and work closely with department heads to make sure the director and their teams have the means to carry out the producer’s plan. They have a good understanding of how movies are made, can predict upcoming problems, and ensure that expenses overshoot the allotted budget.

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What Does Capture Crew Do as a Line Production Company?

Best Line Producers

Line Producers

Capture Crew has talented, passionate, and film-loving line producers who are known for waving magic wands and making things happen. As their project moves through the three stages of pre-production, production, and post-production, line producers work together to ensure the best production experience possible.

Line producers put together an effective team by sharing their ideas clearly, setting reasonable goals, and keeping everyone up-to-date on the progress based on the script. They prepare a shooting schedule and a production budget and sieve through financial records.

When there’s a difference between what the director wants to do and how much money is available, they negotiate terms with which everyone is happy. Capture Crew’s line producers are great at communication and budget management.

If you hire Capture Crew, you will get to work with the most creative producers. Additionally, line producers are well-versed in the applicable laws, such as those governing health and safety, insurance, and employment. Their line producers know all they need to know about how movies are made. They’re passionate about videography and have a deep network within the industry.

Let’s go over the specific roles and responsibilities that Capture Crew’s line producers play at each stage of the production.

Responsibilities of Line Producers

  • End-to-End Line Production Services:  We scout the perfect location, logistics, permissions, and any production requirements. Our line producers/local fixers smoothen the process for you.
  • Equipment: From cameras to lighting, Capture Crew’s line producers ensure that only superior quality equipment is used so that your output is of high quality.
  • Executing Your Ideas: Line producers make sure that videos use the company’s voice.
  • Streamlining the Production Process: Capture Crew’s local fixers and manage casting, screening, and sourcing for a swift production process.
  • Getting the Best Talent: Line producers ensure your casting call reaches the right talent in time, so you get the best line-up of stars to light up your screen.


How Do Clients View Capture Crew?

The testimonies from some of their esteemed clients give a glimpse into the experience of working with them:

  • USA’s IBM Agency felt that the crew was fantastic to work with.

  • Flextronics Technologies Private Limited’s team was impressed with the Capture Crew team. They said that it was their first time working with Capture Crew, and it was excellent as the team was very accommodating, patient, and flexible with their demands. They also stated that their crew was friendly and easy to get along with. They continued that they would keep collaborating with Capture Crew in the future and that they highly recommended them.

  • Crest Point Consultants from India were grateful to the CC team for all their help. They thought that this team was super quick and got the job done well; hence, they looked forward to working with them again. They went on to thank them for their speed at every phase, making it easy to work with them.

  • The Workbee team from Canada had an amazing time working with the CC team. They felt they were prompt and available and understood all their needs, ensuring they delivered. They said it was a great experience all around and thanked Capture Crew for their flexibility in meeting Workbee’s changing filming dates and schedules.

  • Cloudtail India loved that the videos Capture Crew edited for them were a huge success. They said that the CC team really helped create history by creating that content for their fifth anniversary.

  • Threefold Films Ltd. covered a week-long motorcycle road trip in Bangalore and across the southern Indian countryside. They loved what Capture Crew’s editing team did with their clips to create the fantastic final product.


Major Capture Crew Collaborations

India is the world’s largest producer of films, and Capture Crew collaborates with many of the industry’s biggest names.

The Capture Crew team is ready to assist you in cost-effectively, quickly, and creatively capturing the best video. They create corporate films, documentaries, music videos, and photography campaigns in addition to feature films and television commercials, to name a few.

This group has worked with some of the best brands such as Microsoft, Siemens, Puma, Mercedes Benz, Myntra, Pepsi, and Tech Mahindra.


Increase Your Visibility with the Best Line Production Company

Capture Crew has developed a strong belief in them through years of collaboration with well-known line producers and multinational corporations all over the world. Above all, they can either offer an entire film crew or add certain personnel as needed to your team.

Capture Crew is connected with all the top equipment rental businesses, so you don’t need to worry about a thing. And because of this, they are able to achieve the most affordable rates, which may not be possible otherwise.

Contact Capture Crew if you want to collaborate with a team of world-class fixers and line producers to grow your business. This line production company’s teams are excited to work with productions of every size and budget. No assignment is too big or too small because they have a superbly experienced crew capable of delivering innovative solutions for every budget. Contact us now!